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CollectionKlaas de Jonge

A collection of art and ethnography from various parts of Africa collected over several decades.

A collection of art and ethnography collected from various parts of Africa over several decades.

Atspire’s first exhibition, in which all items are for sale, is a collection of African objects and tribal art, all from the private collection of Klaas de Jonge.

It is a large collection built up over many years, whilst De Jonge lived, worked and explored much of the African continent.

Among the items in this collection for sale are mostly artworks from Congo (formerly Zaire); representative of various tribal regions and indigenous peoples, including Lega, Boa, Bemba, Hemba, Songye and the Tabwa peoples.

The following photos show only a sample of some of the items in the collection. Not all items are available for sale at Atspire. Some items were not made available or have since been sold. To find out what we have available,
pay us a visit or contact us.

Atspire is an art collector and exhibition venue in Utrecht located in the city's central district, where temporary exhibitions and private collections are presented for sale.

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